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Yoopla is an open marketplace to refer talented people, to amazing jobs... and get paid when they are recruited!

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How does it work?


It takes 1 minute to create your account.

Refer Candidates

Select the role you want to hunt for, and refer candidates (maximum 3).

Get Paid

Check your candidates progression on your dashboard, and receive your bounty once they start the role.

Focus on recruitment, not sales

Stop wasting your time finding clients, focus on finding talent.

Frequently asked questions

How many candidates can I refer per job?
You can refer a maximum of 3 candidates per Job.
I am not a professional recruiter can I use Yoopla
Yes, you can refer either a friend or yourself to a job. The limit is that you will have to declare the bounty into your revenue.
As a freelance recruiter can I post my own Jobs?
Yes! You can publish your offer on our platform dedicated to recruiters.
Do I have to have a company to receive a bounty?
No. On the other hand, if the bounty exceeds 2000€ you will have to declare the amount to URSSAF.
Does the company know who refers each candidate?
No, the company does not know who refers each candidate. The source remains completely anonymous.
How long will it take to receive the bounty?
90 days after the candidate's start date.