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A better way to recruit the best talent

Whether your business has an overwhelming number of recruitment needs, or your Recruiters are spending days sourcing profiles without results,

Yoopla will provide you with an unlimited network of professionals dedicated to finding the right talent match for your vacancy.

Simply set the reward a professional can collect for referring the right candidate.

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How does it work?

Set a Bounty

Create or import a job offer from your favorite ATS. Set the bounty amount. Et voilà.

An Unlimited Network

Gain access to an unlimited network of professionals dedicated to finding the right talent match for your vacancy.

Interview Process

We filter all candidates before you receive them to ensure the profiles match your criteria.

Hire and Pay

You hired a referred candidate? Amazing! Start the monthly payments (over a 12 month period) once the candidate joins your company.
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Why choose Yoopla?

More candidates, more choice.

You don’t receive enough applications for your job offers? Your acquisition team are struggling to source candidates? It’s time to shake things up!

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Scale your recruitment team by x30

Our unlimited network of hunters enables you to scale your recruitment team, for a price you control. Simply define the bounty and see the results.

Prequalified candidates

100% of the referred candidates have been verified by Yoopla before you receive them. Shift your focus to onboarding, not sourcing.

Simple and integrated tools

We designed our platform to allow a smooth integration with your recruitment process and tools (job boards, ATS).
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Pay what you want.

You define the bounty amount.

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Split and pay on a monthly basis over 12 months

Once the candidate commences, you commence the bounty payments (split on a monthly basis over 12 months).

Candidate Warranty

If the new addition to your team does not meet expectations or decides to leave prior, the payments will stop. It’s as simple as that!

Reduce your costs

Because you define the bounty yourself, it’s quite easier to find a suitable ROI. Feel free to contact us to determine the right amount.
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Boost your recruitment productivity.

Set yourself up on Yoopla (it takes 5 mins), or ask us to do it for you.

Frequently asked questions

How ​​much does it cost ?
You define the price you are willing to pay for the talent sourcing service. If you do not recruit one of the referred candidates, you do not pay.
When do I have to pay the bounty?
The bounty payments commence once the candidate has started. The bounty is split and paid on a monthly basis over a period of 12 months. If the successful candidate's contract ends during the 12 month period, the payments will stop.
How do you source candidates?
We work with an unlimited network of independent recruiters.
How do you sort the applications?
100% of the applications we receive have been verified by the Yoopla team to ensure that the profile matches your criteria.
How can I contact the candidates?
Once you have received applications, you can decline or accept them. Once an application is accepted, you will be able to see the applicant's phone number, Linkedin profile, CV and email.